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September Special

Two deeply restful treats nourish you for the fall season and beyond. The Dulce is a lovely exfoliating and relaxation treatment, followed by the luxury wrap that deeply hydrates and detoxifies.  The Dulce invigorates followed by the Wrap which brings you inward, balances, and calms the spirit.

30 Dulce de Cuerpo (sweet sugar scrub)
45 Luxury Herbal Wrap
75 minutes/$135

Available September 1 - September 30

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October Special

Milk and Honey
Milk and Honey have long been known to promote skin's elasticity and keep skin feeling smooth and supple.  Milk contains lactic acid, a form of alpha hydroxy acid, and is exfoliating as a result.  Honey, as a natural antioxidant, detoxifies impurities and is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are anti-aging.  Moisturizing oil, blended with rich 'massage' honey is applied to the skin before an application of a goat's milk and oats body mask, after which your body is wrapped in a cocoon of warm, heral towels.  Heated coconut oil is also applied to the hair and scalp to nourish and promote natural vitality.  This luxurious treatment concludes with a grounding foot massage performed with whilte chocolate, milk, and honey extracts.  

60 min body mask/$115

Available October 1 - October 31

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