Health & Safety

We are so happy to welcome you back to Betty’s. To keep you safe we are complying with all CDC and state recommended mandates. Here’s what you can expect upon returning to relax, unwind and retreat with us:

Hot Tubs

  • Our communal hot tub areas are closed.
  • The Private Tub is available for rental, all of the hours that we are open, not just Thursday – Saturday as is typical.
  • A Private Women's Tub is also available for rental, all of the hours that we are open, for women only.

Making An Appointment

  • When calling to make an appointment, we will ask you to bring/wear a mask or one will be provided for you at the front door for at least the month of June and July. Wearing a mask during your entire stay at Betty’s is required by the State of New Mexico and is important from a public health perspective.
  • When calling to make an appointment, you will be asked if, to your knowledge, you have come in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, or if you are exhibiting symptoms like shortness of breath or fever. If any answers are ‘yes’ we will ask you to wait and reschedule for another day.
  • For June and July, we will offer a limited menu of treatment options. Please know that once we feel it’s safe, we will return to our wonderful menu in full. For now, we are restricted to: massage, energy balancing, facials, extremities treatments, and feet treats. No couples treatments and no pregnancy treatments until further notice.
  • All payments will be made by credit card, taken at the time appointment is made (per usual) and charged as you check out – no signing slip and no cash tips for June and July.
  • Same cancellation policies apply – if you are sick, you won’t be charged.

Sanitization Process

  • Our facility is cleaned nightly (all surfaces and floors) with an EPA and CDC approved germicide (Bright Solutions Lemon Zip) proven to kill the Covid-19 virus. Additionally, all surfaces will be sanitized in between treatments and frequently with Rejuvenate wipes, also approved by the EPA and CDC for killing the Covid-19 virus. Lastly, all spaces and treatment rooms are equipped with HEPA air purifiers, proven to kill viruses and bacteria.

During Your Visit

  • Upon approaching the front door of Betty’s, a masked employee will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer and determine that you are not running a fever (must be lower than 100.4). You will be asked to sign a waiver confirming that you understand the risks of Covid-19 and especially if you have one of the following conditions: you are 65 years of age or older, moderate to severe asthma, pregnancy, chronic lung disease, heart condition, compromised or suppressed immune system, diabetes, chronic kidney disease or liver disease. After you’ve signed the waiver, and it’s  determined you are not running a fever, you will enter Betty’s for your previously scheduled appointment and check in at the front desk. If you are running a fever, you will be rescheduled and not charged for your cancelled appointment. Please understand that it is never advised to receive a spa treatment when you are even a little bit sick. This has always been our policy and is more important now more than ever to adhere to this policy as not only is it dangerous but not advisable from a natural therapeutics perspective to receive spa treatments when your body is trying to heal from something.
  • Also at the front door, you will be asked, “to your knowledge, have you recently come in contact with anyone that has tested positive for Covid-19?’ If yes, you will be referred to CDC guidelines for quarantine, and regardless, you will need to reschedule for after you have complied with state regulations for quarantining/testing negative and not be charged for the cancelled appointment.
  • Upon entering, you will notice an acrylic ‘sneeze guard’ protecting the front desk and you as you check in for your appointment, and, you will be asked to adhere to our guidelines for social distancing by standing on ‘taped off’ areas on the floor that will achieve the recommended social distancing. You may need to wait a moment to enter, so that we may respect these guidelines.
  • As per usual, you will be given a robe, sandals and locker key and shown to the locker room as always, noting that the communal tubs are closed indefinitely and not available with your treatment.
  • In the locker room and waiting areas, you will be asked to stand, walk, and sit the recommended 6 feet apart from other guests, and will have tape marking spaces on the floor as such. We ask that you sit a minimum of 6 feet apart in the waiting areas. Our waiting areas are not large, but there 3 separate ones that you can sit or stand and still social distance. All furniture, magazines, etc. will be removed from the spa, except for hand sanitizing stations.
  • Your massage therapist will be wearing an N95 surgical mask (stay tuned for August). As per above, and state regulations, you must wear a mask throughout your entire treatment. If you brought a cloth one, and need a paper one for when your face is in the face cradle, one will be provided for you.
  • For facials, your esthetician will be wearing a mask and face shield. You will not be asked to wear your mask during your facial but will be asked to put it back on when you get dressed, and go to the front desk to check out. No extractions will be performed at this time for public health reasons.